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Acosta Therapy

Joseph Acosta, M.A.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Group Therapist
(512) 576-9523


Group Integration Sessions – individual meetings to talk about experiences in group

Individual Psychotherapy – a co-created exploratory process for your personal growth

Process Groups – groups focused on here and now experiences for personal growth

Psychotherapy Groups – groups focused on psychological exploration and interpersonal dynamics

Services for Mental Health Professionals

Consultation – individual meetings about clinical matters and practice development

Consultation for Co-leaders – meetings for co-leaders about group dynamics

Consulation Groups – groups focused on clinical matters and practice development

Training Groups – groups focused on professional development through group process and exploration of feelings from clinical work   

Consultation, Process Groups and Training Groups are available to mental health professionals around the world.

Psychotherapy services are available to residents of Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Texas and Virginia in the United States and, as permitted, residents of other countries.